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A Calculated Move Towards A Brighter Career

Introducing our Hired Package, a service meticulously designed for individuals seeking a comprehensive, fully supported approach to their career advancement. Our objective is not just to assist, but to partner with you, sharing in your journey and celebrating your success.

This bespoke package offers a robust suite of services, including:

  • Career Consultations:  Engage in a comprehensive analysis of your professional potential, identifying both your strengths and areas of development. Simultaneously, gain a deep understanding of your market prospects. We'll equip you with strategic advice on how to leverage your strengths, address potential weaknesses, and capitalize on market opportunities to foster career advancement.

  • Career Planning: Engage in a synergetic collaboration to devise a meticulously tailored strategic blueprint. This roadmap will encapsulate both your personal ambitions and professional aspirations, offering a coherent, focused trajectory for your career progression.

  • Personal Brand Development: Design and articulate an exclusive professional persona that effectively aligns with your competencies and aspirations, whilst engendering a powerful resonance with your desired professional demographic.

  • Resume Writing: Construct a persuasive and riveting professional story that foregrounds your distinct abilities, comprehensive experiences, and unique value offering in a manner tailored to capture your prospective employer's interest.

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: We will refine and enhance your LinkedIn profile, aligning it with your resume and ensuring its attractiveness to recruiters based on your specific interests and career goals.

  • Networking: We will formulate a strategic plan aimed at amplifying your network reach and enhancing your digital visibility.

  • Client Referral Program: Leverage our extensive professional relationships to gain advantageous introductions to recruiters and hiring decision-makers.

  • Job Applications: We will devise a strategic approach for your job hunt, and undertake the application process on your behalf. This will be tailored to your unique qualifications, interests, and the advantageous relationships within our professional network.

  • Interview Preparation: Embark on a journey of mastery over the multifaceted art of interviewing. Our tailored coaching and rehearsed scenarios will provide a comprehensive framework to enhance your communicative efficacy, strategic presentation, and adaptability within various interview contexts.

  • Progress Tracking: We will diligently monitor your job search progress, making necessary modifications to enhance the efficiency and success rate of our collective efforts.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition to your next role, eliminating unnecessary delays or missteps.

The Premier Career Transition Package operates on a unique payment structure that shares the financial risk of the job search. Only 10% of the total cost is due upfront, with the remaining 90% payable only after you successfully secure your next role.


The pricing tiers are based on your career level:

  • Executive Level: $10,000 (10% upfront: $1,000)

  • Mid-Level: $5,000 (10% upfront: $500)

  • Entry-Level: $2,500 (10% upfront: $250)

This exclusive offering is available only to clients who have been carefully selected and approved by one of our career consultants. To commence the process, clients are required to sign an agreement and make an upfront payment based on their career level. Subsequently, your dedicated consultant will draft a personalized action plan to kickstart your career transition journey.

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