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Ready To Make Your Next Career Move?

It starts with an excellent Resume.

At Enlightened LCS we understand that first impressions are everything, that’s why we spare no expense when it comes to branding you as a candidate.


Now let’s face it, in a challenging market you don’t want to be the okay candidate, you truly want to set yourself apart by providing a comprehensive overview of your most significant accomplishments and strengths, demonstrating the skills and abilities that make you an ideal candidate, and ultimately leads to an interview invitation.


Here's How We Get You There!


We've helped thousands of clients land their dream jobs.


Saadia, Technical Recruiter at Amazon

I believe he has a great knowledge of current business market in every field and will be extremely useful to any individual seeking to place his name in the market with the best opportunity available.


Andrew, Technical Executive at Google

I've been applying to Google for over four years without even one positive response, I hire Enlightened to help with my resume, I get two positive responses and one of them turned into an offer!, I am forever thankful.


Kimberly Kemp,
Sr. Accountant 

at Fox Networks

They managed to condense my 4 page resume into 1 page without losing any record of my work experience or achievements. He’s a gem and I highly recommend him to anyone.

There is no higher standard than ours.

Here is Why:

  • Eye-Catching and effective Design, our resumes are designed in an eye-catching and effective manner on a tailored ATS template, resulting in a smooth parsing process with all applicant tracking systems (ATS).

  • A certified Resume Writer is assigned to each project, we can’t say we are the best without working with the best, all our resume writers are certified and come from a strong background in recruiting.

  • Candidate Branding, we highlight your accomplishments in order to demonstrate a strong track record of success that is in line with your next career move.

  • Recruiters Review and Approval, we want you to feel confident, that’s why our process includes a review from a recruiter in your field, we partner with recruiters who work for companies such as (Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Capital One, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser, ...etc, who review resumes, provide feedback, and approve all our resumes.

  • Market Research and Keywords Optimization, we conduct thorough research on keywords based on your field of work, your position, your daily duties, and your industry in order to match market requirements.

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Approval, all companies utilize an applicant tracking system (ATS), so if your resume scores poorly, recruiters won’t even be able to view your application. The good news is that our resumes are scored through an ATS simulator to ensure that they achieve the highest possible score.

  • First Draft Review, during which we explain the changes, answer your questions and make adjustments as necessary. Our aim is to ensure you are proud of how you are presented and enthusiastic about your job search.

  • LinkedIn Profile Revision, we know how effective a LinkedIn profile can be, and that’s why we do a full revision of your LinkedIn profile to make sure it is optimized and aligned with your new resume.

  • Interview Guide, in an effort to prepare you for the next step in the recruiting process, we have written an interview guide that draws heavily on recruiters' and hiring managers' feedback and contains tips and tricks that will assist you in capturing any interviewer's attention.

  • Job Referral Program, our commitment to your success is genuine, which is why we would be delighted to share your new stylish resume with our network of recruiters.


It's like 1, 2, 3.

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Other Services That We Provide

Enlightened offers many services such as:

  • Professional Resume Writing

  • LinkedIn Profile Review

  • Cover Letter 

  • Interviewing Prep

  • Offer Negotiating

  • Career Advancement Plan 

  • Choosing A Career Path 

  • Changing Careers 

  • Job Market And Compensation


Use Enlightened and
Land a Job With Ease

With so many benefits that Enlightened is ready to offer you, we can confidently say that when using our services, you are investing in your future success!


Be contacted by HRs and potential employers more often


Get more offers to take an interview


Get more chances to land a job that you’ve chosen


Contact us to help you succeed!

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