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Unlock Your Full Career Potential

Expert career consulting, resume writing, interview preparation, and job application services.

  • Cultivate a brand that showcases your value.

  • Know your worth within the job market.​

  • Broaden your horizons by exploring various opportunities!

Your First Step
Towards A Brighter Future. 

What Do We Do?

Career Consulting, Achieve clarity on your career goals with personalized guidance from our experienced career consultants. We'll help you identify your strengths and align them with the perfect job opportunities.

Resume Writing, Stand out from the crowd with a professionally crafted resume. Our resume writers will showcase your skills, experience, and accomplishments to impress recruiters and secure interviews.

Interview Preparation
, Ace your interviews with confidence. Our interview coaches will provide you with customized mock interviews, in-depth feedback, and proven strategies to help you perform at your best.

Job Application Services,
 In today's market, the average time to find employment is between five and six months from the time of application to hire. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes to get you hired by 70%, minimizing stress and losses during the job search process

It's Not What You Know!
It's How You Present.

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Perception Surpasses Experience!

Your resume embodies your personal brand and serves as the master key, to unlocking life-changing opportunities for you.

Your Resume Is Your Brand! 

They'll Tell You As Well


In Their Own Words


I enjoyed working with Enlightened on a new resume and profile review. they delivered a wonderful, clean resume highlighting my skills and abilities, and has helped me gain more traction in my job search. they helped me understand why my resume was not being seen and gave me tools to help build my network for the long run. they are experts at what they do and I am grateful for all of the advice they have given me. I highly recommend Enlightened, you will not be disappointed!


Marketing Operations

Enlightened does a great job analyzing the gaps in your resume and LINKEDIN profile, and then making the changes to reflect your work experience with your career aspirations. they have excellent communication skills and clearly is very knowledgeable in these areas.



Managing Partner, Sales


The Enlightened team was amazing. They set up my profile and put me in a position where I am getting noticed on LinkedIn. They were professionals and followed up with everything that they explained. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


Senior Associate Attorney

The Enlightened team has gone above and beyond to help me with my Resume. I would highly recommend their service if you are looking to refresh your resume. They have a working knowledge of what HR departments are looking for, and they can help you get in the door by tailoring your resume to get noticed. They were also very insightful in redoing my LinkedIn profile. Thank you, Enlightened team.



Senior Network Administrator

Why Choose
Enlightened LCS?


When considering Enlightened for resume writing and career development services, clients can expect a range of compelling advantages tailored to their needs:

  • Personalized Approach: Enlightened takes the time to understand each client's unique background, goals, and preferences. This allows us to create a customized resume and career development plan that best suits each individual's needs.

  • Expert Writers: Our team of professional resume writers and career coaches have extensive experience in various industries. They are well-versed in the latest hiring trends and know how to effectively present clients' skills and experiences in the most attractive light.

  • Holistic Career Development: Enlightened's services go beyond resume writing. We offer comprehensive career development services, including interview coaching, personal branding, and job search strategy planning, to ensure our clients are fully prepared to succeed in the job market.

  • Track Record of Success: Our clients consistently achieve impressive results, such as securing interviews, job offers, and promotions. This success speaks to the effectiveness of Enlightened's approach and commitment to our clients' career growth.

  • Ongoing Support: We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Enlightened offers follow-up services and support, helping clients adapt to new career opportunities and continuously grow in their professional lives.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: At Enlightened, we are confident in the quality of our services. If a client is not satisfied with our work, we are committed to making the necessary revisions and adjustments until the client's expectations are met.

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer a range of flexible pricing options designed to accommodate different budgets, ensuring that high-quality resume writing and career development services are accessible to a wide range of clients.


By choosing Enlightened, clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of career development services, personalized guidance, and a team of dedicated professionals committed to their success.

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