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Every resume gets triple-checked by our QA team.

  • Active Applying

    Every month
    Prepare For Interviews And Leave The Job Hunting To Us .
    • Resume Exposure
    • Job Market Analysis
    • Title Matching Research
    • 100 Targeted Job Applications
    • Job Hunting Email Account
    • Bi-Weekly Report On All Submitted Applications
  • Resume Exposure

    Every month
    Let Our Connection Serve Your Interests.
    • Share Your Resume With 100's of Recruiters
    • Add Your Resume In Active Candidate Pipelines and Databases
    • Share Your Resume With 50+ Staffing Agencies
    • Posted Bi-Weekly Until You Are Hired
  • Executive Resume

    For Executives with (10-30) years of experience.
    Valid for 2 months
    • Executive (ATS) Resume Design
    • (ATS) - Approved
    • Recruiter Approved
    • Hiring Manager Approved
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Job Market Research
    • LinkedIn Optimization
    • Unlimited Resume Revision
    • Cover Letter Matching the Resume Design
    • 1 Month - Client Referral Program
    • Active Applying (40) Applications (Applying on your behalf)
    • Interview and Job Application Guide
    • Phone + Email communication
    • 60-day Interview Guarantee
    • Work With Our Most Experienced Writers
  • Mock Interview

    60 Minutes Interview Preparation Session
    • Behavioral | Situational Questions
    • Body Language Analysis
    • Live Feedback On Every Question
    • Answer Scoring and Overall Interview Score
    • Interview Coaching
  • Basic Resume Writing

    For Professional with (0-5) years of experience.
    Valid for one month
    • Career Personality Assessment
    • Professional (ATS) Resume Design
    • Word and PDF Version
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Project Highlights
    • ATS Scoring
    • 60-day Interview Guarantee
  • Pro Resume Writing

    For Professional with (5-10) years of experience.
    Valid for one month
    • Professional (ATS) Resume Design
    • Recruiter Approved
    • (ATS) - Approved With Scoring
    • Word and PDF Resume
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Job Market Research
    • LinkedIn Profile Revision
    • Interview Guide
    • Two Resume Revisions
    • Email communication
    • 60-day Interview Guarantee
  • Career Consultation

    Open to all career levels
    Valid for 12 months
    • Career Planning
    • Executive Coaching
    • Career Transitioning
    • Career Progression
    • Career Coaching
  • Resume Consultation

    Need Assistance With Selecting a Plan
    Valid for 7 days
    • The cost of this consultation will be
    • deducted from the selected package

Hire the Best Consultants!

At Enlightened LCS, we realize that life is about change. Most people fear change even if they realize that it is inevitable or necessary. It is simply the fear of the unknown. And, that is why we are here; we aim to inspire, educate and motivate you to make those life-changing steps in your career or in your personal life. It is our goal to illuminate your path and provide the much-needed guidance to make your transition a positive experience. Visit our website to learn more about the services we provide, looking forward to seeing you there.

Use Enlightened and
Land a Job With Ease

Enlightened is ready to offer you so many benefits, we can confidently say that when you use our services, you are investing in your future success.


Be contacted by HRs and potential employers more often


Get more offers to take an interview


Get more chances to land a job that you’ve chosen

We look out for your best interest so that you can make the most of your career and not miss out

on any opportunities! 


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